Beyond what we can see

"It's what I find that tells me what I'm looking for"

Pierre Soulages

The song of the world


It's the story of a man walking around. From one country to another, from one encounter to another, he evolves, adapting his gaze to the situations and landscapes he encounters, sometimes stopping for a long time to contemplate the world that is also changing.

It is a story in colorful impressions, the road books of an inner adventure, the snapshots of a wanderer's soul.


After years of artistic and musical studies in Paris, Théophile Delaine paints in various places around the world, wherever inspiration takes him. From his native Champagne to Crete, from Limousin to Benin and after years in Madagascar he moved to Reunion Island to devote himself fully to his art.


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The spirit of the island


During the walks in the nature of Reunion Island, thoughts also wander during the walk. When the ideas mix with the landscapes and the sensations are inspired by the character of the places you walk through, this gives "The spirit of the island" a series of ten paintings that retrace the geographical and majestic characters as well as those felt during various hikes.


A series dedicated to the passivity necessary to feel and perceive the beauty of the world, far from the tumult and psychoses of all kinds. Wind, nature, color, storms, oceans and mountains as they are, without asking questions, to find in them the depth of inner calm without which there is no meaning to it all. 



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