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in the antechamber of knowledge and the bright light of knowledge,
the dark stains of evil intentions can be clearly seen.
Bad intentions!
When the negative prints become the place of scenery,
beware of judging your fellow men, mortal!
For thou art already in trouble
and your soul is expected.
In this world of inversion where the worst liars take over
what exists,
the man of peace is a murderer and
the assassin our saviour.
We are ecstatic about destruction and ugliness,
we applaud the mediocre and the arrogant,
the crooks are the heroes,
the selfish believe themselves to be just and
the righteous are despised, slandered or eliminated.
It is nothing other than the struggle
of possession against becoming,
fear against life.
But which is the most fragile?
Close your eyes, forget the evils!
Contemplate the world! How beautiful it is!
It has no other way out.


  • Lyrical abstract painting
    Oil on canvas
    Original and unique artwork
    Dimensions: 97 x 65 cm

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